She is on the pursuit of a tranquil place to live on…where she will not be gauged by her flesh. What else can she do?

Could there be a greater tragedy for a woman than to live selling herself?
As the day dies down, when she hands over her body to a stranger, the agony that she goes through can never be elucidated. The anguish of the mind virtually kills her. And she craves to be rescued.The reason for a woman being thrown into the street could be the same, anywhere in the world. The angst of a woman, who has to live as a sex worker in the city is the film’s content. The pains, sufferings, dreams and the thoughts of a new life tormented her. She lived weighing herself between the right and the wrong.She was left with limited options. Is the plight of every woman the same? At least she believed that it was not so. She perceived that life could be a beautiful journey for others.As time elapsed, she was learning true meaning of life. Where will she find her abode? Her journey to find a place for her own started then.

‘Oridam’ is the heart wrenching quest of a woman, who belongs to that section which is viewed by the mainstream society with contempt.